As simple as search, but shows deep data relationships.

Do you know what you have? With DataSea you will.

DataSea is a new way of computing that simplifies the process of getting answers. 

Computers are fast but can be hard to use, and they require us to figure out every step needed to get what we want. DataSea doesn't depend on menu structures or tree decisions. Instead, it uses a simple, search-like interface to get what you need in one step. 

DataSea fuses data from all your different sources, from databases to spreadsheets to email and more, and figures out how it's all connected. Just enter what you want to find, and DataSea connects all the dots for you, even the dots come from many different sources. You don't even have to know how or where the data is stored.

DataSea supports inquiry and reporting, going beyond simple search. By capturing and fusing different and "incompatible" sources, DataSea tells you a story, from your particular point of view, instead of simply finding "hits." It finds information you may not even know you had. It is radically different, and is modeled on real neural systems.

Ties data together, extracts answers and context easily...

Without you having to specify where it is

  • Solves the problem of incompatible systems

  • Simplifies the process of getting answers

  • One-step, deep access from any and all sources

  • Supports natural language

  • Low integration and training costs