About DataSea

Founded in December, 2004, DataSea is incorporated in Delaware, U.S.A., and federally incorporated in Canada. Operations are in California and British Columbia.

Dr. Rocky Nevin was inspired by his Ph.D. thesis work on sensory neurons to create a new way of computing that didn't depend on the traditional model of menu structures and tree decisions. After several years of development, he invented an Inferencing EngineTMĀ that harnesses Natural Language and utilizes human-like reasoning to make computing intuitive and natural, without the need for navigating through menus, icons, and hit lists.

The result is "human-friendly computingTM." DataSea bridges the gaps between humans and machines, between devices, and between data sources.

Management Team

Dr. Rocky H.W. Nevin, III (CEO, CTO) earned his Ph.D. in Biophysics at the University of California at Berkeley exploring the importance of connectivity and structure of sensory neurons and identifiable interneurons to complex behaviour. Following two years at IBM's Palo Alto Scientific Center, he created and managed the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Group at MicroUnity Systems Engineering, where he wrote the visualization and control software for the company's $100 Million wafer fabrication plant.

Linda Webster (CFO, Business Development) earned her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University, and her Master's of Business Administration in Finance from the California State University at San Diego. She has worked as a software and electrical engineer at Bechtel Corporation, and has spent over fifteen years working with private investment.