Connects the dots, answers, explains

  • Simplifies the process of getting answers

  • One-step, deep access to data

  • Solves the problem of incompatible systems

  • Low integration and training costs

How is it different?

  • Finds and connects dots in your data, even if you don't know where everything is

  • Matches how we think, not what the computer wants

What is DataSea's advantage?

  • Save time getting information

  • Make decisions faster, with more complete info

  • Discover hidden or hard-to-find data easily

  • Get direct access to data from your desktop without having to ask an expert

"Business intelligence tools are too complicated. DataSea gets me the information I need in one step."

With one step, using a search-like interface, you can get a report of the information you need without having to know how or where the data is stored. DataSea merges information from spreadsheets, relational databases, documents, email, even ad-hoc notes, and pulls out the answer by connecting it all together. Just enter the terms you want explored. For example, ask for "sales, Q4 Miami" and get a spreadsheet derived from the correct sources. Enter "timeline meeting, power outage" and get an interactive timeline of coincident events.